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Advanced Automatic Bag Packing System

Automatic weighing, filling & sealing into pillow or gusseted bags.

Automatic system with a range of options for different target weights and speed requirements.

This automatic packing line automatically weighs, fills and seals pillow or gusset style bags made from a roll of laminated packaging film.

It requires two operators to fill the automatic feed hopper with product as required and to collect the finished bags ready for packing into boxes / packaging.
Pricing is based on a standard sized 10 head multihead weigher capable of running 20g - 5kg of product at up to 60 weighs per minute1.
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1Speeds shown are estimates based on 250g or dry, loose, free-flowing products. Speeds will vary based on product type, weight, density, viscosity as well as machine type and model as well as other external attributing factors.
2Target weight range may not be achievable on a single machine. The range shown shows the minimum weight from the smallest machine to the maximum weight of the largest machine. Weights may also vary depending on product volume. Please check with us if you have any questions about your product or target weights.

Labour Requirements

Optimal Number of Operators: x2

For best productivity this system requires 2 people to run the line.
Fills the automatic feed hopper with product as required.

Collects finished bags from bagging machine and packs into boxes or packaging as required.

Note: This line can be operated and run with just one operator, however speed and overall throughput will be greatly reduced.

How it Works

  • Vibratory Feeder Filling

    Vibratory Feeder Filling

    An operator deposits raw product into the automatic vibratory feed hopper as required.

  • Product is Transported to the Elevator

    Product is Transported to the Elevator

    Product is transported to the elevator. The speed and flow can be controlled by adjusting the vibratory feed hopper's vibration amplitude and by adjusting the height of the gate to allow more or less product through as required. The vibratory feed hopper and elevator are automatically controlled to start and stop as required preventing overfilling.

  • Elevator Discharges into Multihead Weigher

    Elevator Discharges into Multihead Weigher

    The elevator transports product up to the multihead weigher and deposits into the hopper as required. Weight sensors in the multihead weigher detect when the hopper is full and stop the vibratory feed hopper and elevator to prevent product overflowing. The vibratory feed hopper and elevator restart automatically to maintain an efficient level of product inside the multihead weigher at all times.

  • Multihead Weigher Weighs Product

    Multihead Weigher Weighs Product

    The multihead weigher then vibrates product into the weigh hoppers and uses a combination of each of the heads to calculate the best target weight. The touch screen control panel gives access to adjust the settings on each head to control accuracy and speed.

  • Multihead Weigher Dispenses into Bagging Machine

    Multihead Weigher Dispenses into Bagging Machine

    When the bagging machine is ready for product, it will signal the multihead weigher to dispense it's product. The multihead weigher dispenses the product into the bagging machine's forming tube which fills the new bag that has been made. The multihead weigher then signals to the bagging machine informing if that it has finished dispensing so it can safely finish sealing the bag.

  • Bagging Machine Seals the Bag

    Bagging Machine Seals the Bag

    The bagging machine seals the filled bag and cuts it off, dispensing it below the sealing area.

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How it Works Labour Requirements

Prices start at: £48,995.00 GBP
Price includes delivery and installationt to UK mainland customers.
Price excludes VAT and is available for UK mainland customers only.
Max Speed: 70 packs / min (on 14 head unit)1
Weight Range: 20g - 5kg2
Suitable Product Consistency:

Dry, damp & sticky, free flowing, loose food and non-food products.

Suitable Product Types:

Foods like rice, pasta, nuts, confectionery, pulses, beans, vegetables, fruit, crisps etc. Many types of non-foods.

Suitable Pack / Packaging Types:

Laminated Bags Produced from Rolls of Plain or Printed Laminate Film.

Required Services:

2x 230VAC Power Supply
1x 415VAC Power Supply
Pneumatic Air Supply (8Bar, 14CFM)

Equipment Included:

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